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  • Provides rule based routing
  • Requests can be received at a single IP address (NLB's IP) and forwarded to the right service based on the path or subdomain.
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Sample YAML

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- Here, we define routing rules for the hostname - Backend is the target where the incoming requests for that hostname will be redirected

Ingress & Internal Service Setup

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- ServiceName - name of the internal service - ServicePort - port on which the internal service is available

Ingress Controller

  • A pod or a set of pods that act as the entry point to the cluster and evaluate ingress rules & manage redirections
  • Ingress component cannot do anything by itself, it needs an ingress controller which is an implementation for ingress component.
  • Example:
    • K8s Nginx Ingress Controller
    • 3rd party
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Setup & Configuration

  • On Cloud
    • Cloud provider's load balancer acts as the entry point and forwards request to ingress controller (managed solution, minimal effort)
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  • On Premise
    • Need to configure entry point ourselves
    • External proxy server (hardware or software) acting as the entry point (has external IP address)
    • None of the nodes in the cluster have external IP addresses (for security)
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Default Backend in Ingress

  • If a request does not match any rule, the ingress controller redirects it to the default-http-backend service. If it doesn't exist, 404 error is returned.
  • This is useful to display a custom "Page doesn't exist" error message.
  • Default backend can be created by creating a pod with the same name as the default http backend and on the same port.
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Routing to multiple paths

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Routing to multiple subdomains

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Configuring TLS Certificate

  • TLS Certificate has to be created as a secret in the same namespace as the ingress
  • Ingress uses the TLS certificate as a reference from the secret attachments/Pasted image 20220904230853.jpg


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Last updated: 2022-09-12