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Helm Package Manager

  • It serves 2 purposes
    • Package manager for K8s
      • Used to package YAML files and distribute them in public & private repositories
    • Templating Engine
      • Used to define a template YAML with placeholders for dynamic values
      • Useful in CI/CD
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  • Uses
    • Deploy same application across multiple clusters
      • Package the application as a Helm chart and deploy it across multiple clusters

Helm Charts

  • Bundle of YAML files
  • Example: If you need to implement elastic search in your application, instead of creating the YAML files for all the components, you can use an existing helm chart from Helm Repository.
  • You can also create and push your own helm charts for others to use.
  • Image
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Helm Chart Directory Structure

  • values.yaml contains default values for the placeholders attachments/Pasted image 20220904234111.jpg

Helm Commands

Install a packaged app from the Helm Chart

helm install --values=my-values.yaml <chartname>

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Last updated: 2022-09-05