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AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02)

Trusted Advisor

  • Service that analyzes your AWS accounts and provides recommendations on:
    • Cost Optimization
      • low utilization EC2 instances, EBS volumes, idle load balancers, etc.
      • Reserved instances & savings plans optimizations
    • Performance
      • High utilization EC2 instances, CloudFront CDN optimizations
      • EC2 to EBS throughput optimizations, Alias records recommendations
    • Security:
      • MFA enabled on Root Account, IAM key rotation, exposed Access Keys
      • S3 Bucket Permissions for public access, security groups with unrestricted ports
    • Fault Tolerance:
      • EBS snapshots age, Availability Zone Balance
      • ASG Multi-AZ, RDS Multi-AZ, ELB configuration, etc.
    • Service Limits
      • whether or not you are reaching the service limit for a service and suggest you to increase the limit beforehand
  • No installation needed
  • Weekly email notifications

Last updated: 2022-05-13