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AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02)

Serverless ToDo List App


  • Expose as REST API with HTTPS
  • Serverless architecture
  • Users should be able to directly interact with their own folder in S3
  • Users should authenticate through a managed serverless service
  • Users can write and read to-dos, but they mostly read them
  • The database should scale, and have some high read throughput


  • Giving users access to a folder in S3
    • Cognito Identity Pool can be used to get temporary credentials after authenticating using CUP.
    • Pre-signed URL isn’t used since we need to provide access to the bucket and not an object.
  • Improving read throughputs
    • Implement a DAX layer to cache DynamoDB queries.
    • Caching can also be implemented as the API gateway level if the read responses don’t change much.

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Last updated: 2022-05-10