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AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02)

Security Token Service (STS)

  • Used to grant limited and temporary access to AWS resources
  • Token is valid for up to 1h


  • Allows IAM Users to assume an IAM Role
  • Steps to assume a role
    • Create an lAM Role (within your account or cross-account)
    • Trust Policy: define which principals should be allowed to assume this role
    • Use STS AssumeRole API to retrieve temporary credentials for the IAM role
    • STS will check with IAM whether or not the user is allowed to assume that role
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  • Use cases:
    • Safety: deleting a resource first requires users to temporarily assume a role
    • Cross-account access: assume role in target account to perform actions there
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  • Allow non IAM users logged in with SAML to assume an IAM role


  • Allow non IAM users logged in via an identity provider (Facebook, Google, etc.) to assume an IAM role
  • AWS recommends using Cognito instead

Last updated: 2022-06-03