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AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02)

High Performance Computing (HPC)

  • Cloud is perfect for HPC
  • Cluster placement group for low latency inter-nodal communication
  • EC2 Enhanced Networking (SR-IOV)
    • Elastic Network Adapter (ENA)
      • Supported in both Linux & Windows
    • Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA)
      • Enhanced for HPC
      • Supported in Linux only
      • Leverages Message Passing Interface (MPI) standard
      • Bypasses the underlying Linux OS to provide low-latency networking
  • AWS Batch
    • Used to run single jobs that span multiple EC2 instances (multi-node)
  • AWS Parallel Cluster
    • Open-source cluster management tool to deploy HPC on AWS
    • Configure with text files
    • Automate creation of VPC, Subnet, cluster type and instance types
    • Ability to enable EFA on the cluster

Last updated: 2022-05-14