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AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02)


  • Extension of CloudWatch ⮕ Events
  • Event buses types:
    • Default event bus: events from AWS services are sent to this
    • Partner event bus: receive events from external SaaS applications
    • Custom Event bus: for your own applications
  • Event Rules: how to process the events
  • Event buses support cross-account access
  • Cron Jobs: when creating an EB rule, we can select “Schedule” instead of event pattern to trigger an event based on a cron expression.
  • Can archive events (all or based on a filter) sent to an event bus to replay later

EventBridge is recommended for decoupling applications that reacts to events from third-party SaaS applications.

Schema Registry

  • Defines how the data is structured in the event bus
  • Schema can be versioned

Event Bus Policy

  • Manage permissions for an event bus
  • Useful to allow or deny events from another AWS account or region attachments/Pasted image 20230219100242.jpg

Last updated: 2023-02-19