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AWS Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C02)


  • Regional service
  • Can be aggregated across regions and accounts
  • Record configurations changes over time
  • Evaluate compliance of resources using config rules
  • Does not prevent non-compliant actions from happening (no deny)
  • Evaluate config rules
    • for each config change (ex. configuration of EBS volume is changed)
    • at regular time intervals (ex. every 2 hours)
  • Can make custom config rules (must be defined in Lambda functions) such as:
    • Check if each EBS disk is of type gp2
    • Check if each EC2 instance is t2.micro
  • Can be used along with CloudTrail to get a timeline of changes in configuration and compliance overtime.
  • Integrates with EventBridge or SNS to trigger notifications when AWS resources are non-compliant


  • Automate remediation of non-compliant resources using SSM Automation Documents
    • AWS-Managed Automation Documents
    • Custom Automation Documents
      • to invoke a Lambda function for automation
  • You can set Remediation Retries if the resource is still non-compliant after auto remediation
  • Ex. if IAM access key expires (non-compliant), trigger an auto-remediation action to revoke unused IAM user credentials.

Last updated: 2022-05-20